Welp. Sorry.

Alright this was gonna be a reply to a comment but I think it might be best if I just publish this in general.

“Its probably best if you don’t expect much from me at this time period”

It not that I don’t WANT to translate (dragon life is a great story and I love it to bits) but its just that I have way to much going on now to be able to release an update weekly, or even monthly.

It just. I can’t?

I do have ch 20 and 21 (the missed bonus chapters) currently being translated, but its slow, and it really doesn’t look like its gonna be finished any times soon. (i say as i continue to work on it anyways but anywho–)

I started translations while I was in high school, and while I’m making sure I don’t take too many classes in College right now, the hours, strain, workload, and quite honestly the weight of it all is just way too different.

(I’m not even taking any clubs!! I should be super free and stuff but NOPE I’m not?? How does this work and why do I have school till like 10 PM?? Every day??)

So in short, Probably best if you try reading the Machine Translations for now, If you really want to finish this story. Dragon MT is doing a pretty good job for machine translations so I think there would be no drastic problems?

I will try to continue working on these chapters, but really. I don’t think you should expect frequent updates from me, sorry!


[edit: now that i’ve finished writing this, I notice that the translation of Ch 20 is actually going pretty decently. That one might come out soon.]


20 thoughts on “Welp. Sorry.

  1. Its okay, many translation moooorreee slow than you (they even translation 1 chapter in 6 month or 1 years, that super worse…)
    take your time to be familiar with university activities :D , so you can find your rest time more efficient
    I hope you enjoy your college life ~

    1. Oh gosh that sound pretty tough, but Im hoping i won’t end up like that, haha.

      Thank you for the encouragement though!! I sure will try to enjoy my time here!

  2. Prioritize your studies, Dragon Life translations won’t be helpfull in a few years.
    Us leechers will stay here, waiting… Waiting… Waiting…

    Bon courage !

  3. Focusing on your future is better… there are some translators that continue to translate after finishing college and working full time so in the future if you can or want to you can always continue. I for one will miss your translations ;_; now here are some recommendations for people who want cool female leads as Main Characters:
    Duke’s Daughter (Japtem translations) (otome reincarnated.. from the defeated “villian”? view)
    Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! (Distractedtranslations) (Guy reborn as girl emotional conflict -_-)
    The Girl Who Ate Death (Distractedtranslations) (kicks ass takes no names… so cool)
    Kumo desu ga, nani ka? (raisingthedead)(SHE? well is a spider tho still a female MC… sort of?)
    Evil God Average (oniichanyamete)(SO funny you will not stop laughing trust me on that)
    Kyuuketsu Hime (madospicy) (reborn guy = girl = kicks butt)
    She professed herself the pupil of the wise man (saiakutatranslations) (game = real life = guy turns into girl…)

    1. I recommend Evil God Average too…it’s hilarious (and translation completed). It has a sequel (Summoning at Random) but that isn’t as good and the translation isn’t finished.
      Kyuuketsu Hime, She Professed Herself the Pupil of the Wise Man and Like Hell I’m Gonna Get Captured! are good as well.
      Haven’t read the others.

  4. Good luck with your studies, but you know that the whole thing is already translated till 27 right? It would be a waste of your time if you would translate anything earlyer then that. For more info i would recommend looking on novel updates. Also please take your time. Sometimes good things take there time!

  5. I’m sorry if my comment was one of the ones inducing you to write this but please don’t apologize. To any of us. I think many of us are grateful that you dedicate your free time for translating this in a way that still makes it fun to read. I’m aware that this comment might sound rude but please bear with me for a moment. There are a lot of translations out there that just …sap you of your enjoyment with the way it’s translated. Be that as it may – I’m still a leecher with no right to complain about that. But reading your translations still feels satisfying and I hope that you also feel happy and satisfied with your work since you help us enjoy the great story of “Dragon Life”. Your real life is way more important than this but if you also like translating this more then please take your time and return to work on each chapter when it suits you the most. I thank you for your great translations with all my heart and hope that the troubles in your life may resolve themselves or through yourself in a way that will make you happy and also less stressed!

  6. Good luck with your studies ^^. As most (if not all) have said already, translating Dragon Life won’t give you nearly as much benefit in the long run. It’s like getting Diamond in LoL instead of studying (*prepares for the tomatoes*).
    Thanks for all the hard work up until now. I’ll just wait patiently and reread whenever I get bored. If I have enough time on my hands (don’t right now), I’ll try the MTL as you’ve suggested~

  7. Good Luck With Your Studies!!!! Also your collage stuff (classes, studying, homework, ect) should come first (after your well being of course), so you have no need to apologize to us for something you do for FREE that takes your time and energy to do, but saying that thank you for letting us know!!!

  8. Hello
    Nice to meet you, I wanna ask for your permission to translate Dragon Life in thai. and sorry about my bad english


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