Dragon Life: Chapter 20

Four servant maidens plus a little extra. However, it includes knights.



Today is the day Madeline and I had planned to go to the castle’s town in a group of four.



Why did it turn out like this.

I don’t understand how this had happened.

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Welp. Sorry.

Alright this was gonna be a reply to a comment but I think it might be best if I just publish this in general.

“Its probably best if you don’t expect much from me at this time period”

It not that I don’t WANT to translate (dragon life is a great story and I love it to bits) but its just that I have way to much going on now to be able to release an update weekly, or even monthly.

It just. I can’t?

I do have ch 20 and 21 (the missed bonus chapters) currently being translated, but its slow, and it really doesn’t look like its gonna be finished any times soon. (i say as i continue to work on it anyways but anywho–)

I started translations while I was in high school, and while I’m making sure I don’t take too many classes in College right now, the hours, strain, workload, and quite honestly the weight of it all is just way too different.

(I’m not even taking any clubs!! I should be super free and stuff but NOPE I’m not?? How does this work and why do I have school till like 10 PM?? Every day??)

So in short, Probably best if you try reading the Machine Translations for now, If you really want to finish this story. Dragon MT is doing a pretty good job for machine translations so I think there would be no drastic problems?

I will try to continue working on these chapters, but really. I don’t think you should expect frequent updates from me, sorry!


[edit: now that i’ve finished writing this, I notice that the translation of Ch 20 is actually going pretty decently. That one might come out soon.]

Dragon Life: Chapter 22

I am enraged at the foreign emissary. It’s a sacred beast.

The meeting with the foreign emissary from Tiruzoto that Vice-Captain mentioned will be in a few days.

It seems that they will go to a highway nearby Tiruzoto, which is north of Alvina, to pick them up. This trip, however, will takes several days because they cannot use their dragons.

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Not dead yet

Hello! Been noticing a few ‘did you die’ and ‘is this dropped’ messages as well as a few (understandably) impatient readers, and i would like to say that i am not quite dead yet!

Close, but not quite!

Either way i will apologize for my lack of activity (theres many excuses: stress, family issues, etc. but im sure you don’t want to hear them) and i am hoping to get the full ch 19 up soon!!

(It WAS ch 19, right….? How long has it been?)

Either way this has been a minor update, and apologies!



Dragon Life: Chapter 18

Light entertainment and sweet atmosphere. Unbelievable.

Even after that incident, it was very peaceful, to the point of questioning. Is it really okay for it to be this peacefull?
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Dragon Life: Chapter 17

The employee’s four daughters. It also includes marshmallows.

After eating Nassau’s dinner and returning to my room, Madam called for me.

It seems that you only get called for by Madam if you’ve made a terrible mistake. Chiffon put a lot of emphasis on it while telling me. Now that I think about it, isn’t Chiffon pretty clumsy? [1] Continue reading “Dragon Life: Chapter 17”


I’m just going to mention this here (I already have on my Velket’s things blog) but I have started college!!

Its a great thing, not to mention a big step forward into the big scary thing called the real world, but its also something that comes with a lot of work. Work that comes in the form of book buying, ID making, navigating (and getting lost), homework, and other general stresses that come with school.

So I have originally planned ch 17 to be out by now, but obviously it isn’t. Because of school and and me stupidly underestimating the time it would take for me to actually get there from my house, as well as getting used to the campus.

I’m still working on CH 17 (50%!! 50% guys!!) and hopefully since I have less classes tomorrow, I can get some more of it done.


Dragon Life: Chapter 16

Serious Stories and Outrageous people. The name is…

Since I was kind of worried, I visited the dragon stables during my break. Since I’ve been visiting here often, the guards now remember my face. Now I can enter the stables without having to explain myself every single time.

There already was someone in the pen I was looking for, and they noticed me and turned around.

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