Dragon Life: Chapter 20

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Four servant maidens plus a little extra. However, it includes knights.



Today is the day Madeline and I had planned to go to the castle’s town in a group of four.



Why did it turn out like this.

I don’t understand how this had happened.

Since I only really had my uniform, I changed into the dark-red clothes I had arrived in.

It seems like I can switch into the clothes of the village girl I ate at any time. I wonder if it’s because I ate her? There are parts of my ability that i don’t understand here and there, but since it’s convenient it’s fine. I am very thankful that when I switch from my dragon form to my human one, I’m not completely naked. This is probably magic too. Mmm, magic is way too omnipotent.


Ariade is wearing a light blue one-piece and a sheer shawl. Chiffon is wearing a orange formal dress, with a lot of ruffles. Madeline is wearing the same thing as Chiffon, and when I see them like this I realize, they really are twins, huh-……… wait a second, why is Stefano-san and Lance-san standing next to them? Especially Stefano-san. Wearing a dark blue shirt and ochre pants, he looks ‘rough’. But because its so cheap compared to the knight’s uniform, all I can see is a shady young man. He really looks like a playboy. On the other hand, Lance-san is wearing a white shirt and a sophisticated jacket and grey pants. No matter how you look at him he looks like a good young man from the city! He seems like the type who would get flirted with.

But, why are these two here?

We were planning on going to the castle town with the four of us, but it seems we have bumped into the knights by coincidence. Isn’t it a bit too much of a coincidence? Isn’t it a bit too suspicious??

Maybe they actually knew from before and, OH!! What a coincidence! Perhaps we’re bound by the red string of fate? –kind of plan. Is that it, Stephano-san? And, perhaps the other party is Chiffon?

—I won’t give her to you! I definitely won’t let you take Chiffon! Never!

When I stared harshly at Stefano-san, he gave me a smile filled with ill intent.

“To escort a princess, you need a knight, right?”

“…I apologize. I tried to stop him but…”

Lance-san speaks up apologetically.

Its okay, I understand. Lance-san, thank you for your hard work as always. And thank you for coming along as a guardian[1].

“Ne-ne Vito-chan! I think meeting Stephano-san here is some kind of fate!”


W-wait a moment, Chiffon! Don’t decide things so rashly!

But, as if he was eavesdropping on our private conversation, Stephano came up beside Chiffon, grinning shrewdly and wrapping an arm around her waist. The fact that he grabbed her waist instead of her shoulder is downright harassment.

“Ri-ght, Chiffon-chan? Say, how about you go on a date with me?”


Chiffons face immediately turns bright red.


“Oohh scary~. Don’t glare at me with that kind of face, It’s a waste of a pretty face, ey? Lance?”

That’s what I want to say!! Don’t put such a lecherous expression on a pretty face. If he shuts up he would actually be pretty handsome. Maybe.

“Stephano-san, is it alright if I went with you? Or would i be a bother?”

Madeline had been making a thoughtful expression from a while ago, but do you actually have a crush on Stephano-san too?

“Why not? Im perfectly okay with more beautiful flowers joining me.”

Don’t grin like that you perverted womanizer! My internal rep of Stephano-san has come crashing down. [2]

And here i was, looking forward to spending a fun time with the four of us. Ariade is also sighing, what a troublemaker we have been caught by. Madeline comes over and whispers to my depressed self.

“You can’t shop leisurely if Stephano-san is there, right? Don’t worry, we’ll catch up later, so go have fun!”

What a kind child…! Perhaps she said she wanted to go too because of that? Putting her friends first, even at one’s own expense… I really want a certain someone to learn from her.

“I’ll go as well.”

“No, Lance-san, please stay with Vito and Ariade instead. If you come with us, I’m certain you two will end up fighting and we won’t get any shopping done. Besides, its the older sister’s job to look over the younger sister. Don’t worry, I’m actually quite adept at dealing with men. Especially guys like him.”

It’s been said that she’s been working at the First Knights Corp’s Dormitory since the age of 12, so she should be adept at dealing with men, like she said. How reassuring.

“And this, I marked down all of my recommended stores.”

The thing that she had clasped my hands around was a town map that was folded four-fold. After I gave her my thanks, she ran off to catch up to Stephano-san and the group.

When I open it, there are small circles marked throughout the map. Was she really planning on visiting all of these stores today?

“Is that from Madeline?”

“Yeah, she said that these stores are her recommended ones.”

“There’s a lot of markers… she really must have been looking forward to this.”

When i think of Madeline marking down stores excitedly, I feel a wave of sadness. If Stephano-san hadn’t showed up, we four would have been happily visiting these marked stores.

“… I feel really bad.”

I gently whacked Lance-san’s taller shoulder silently.




“Wait, Vito, you’re not seriously planning on buying that, are you?”

“Eh? I can’t?”

“Its blatantly menswear! Women don’t wear pants.”

The pair of pants were snatched out of my hands and returned to its place. Aa, my pants… Pants are really good, you know? I don’t really care about my appearance either way. And pants are a really all-purpose clothing. Since I wear a one-piece skirt all the time, and it kind of gives me this, unreliable kind of feeling for my lower half. At the very least let me wear shorts underneath, I always wore them under my uniform anyways. My older brother used to boo at me saying stuff like “Wearing shorts under a skirt is unforgivable!”. …Wait, was my older brother perhaps, a pervert? …h, ha ha no way.

“I’ll choose for you, so stay still.”

When I tried to go look at the pants again, she let out a long sigh and forced me to sit down.

It seems this is the clothes store Ariade often frequents. Full of everyday clothes, there are no fancy dresses or the like being sold here. Apparently those kinds of clothes are sold at a separate shop. [3] Apparently Ariade has been to parties before, and has a few of their dresses. I really want to see what a dressed up Ariade looks like. I bet she looks really pretty, aah it would be nice if she would wear one of her dresses for me.

The items Ariade chose out and brought for me, as I suspected, were all skirts. I was saddened by the fact that pants were completely out of the picture, but since she had chosen them out for me, I decided to pick one of them out.

“What do you think? I personally think this yellow is good. This color’s in fashion right now, and you don’t wear many bright colors, do you? Also, since it’s such a intense color, the only real chance you’d get to wear something like this is now.”

“Well, then by all means you should wear it, Ariade”

“I’m fine. We’re trying to choose your clothes right now, so which one do you like?”

‘I want to see you wear it’. Is what I wanted to say but I was quickly denied.

In terms of color, there is only yellow, blue, purple, white and green. It seems that in this world, women only wear fully connected one-piece dresses. The shapes of the dresses are nearly identical with slight variation. From ribbons to frills, laces to layered color, it seems there quite a bit of variation even though they are all one-pieces. Mmm, since I’m unfamiliar with stuff like this, I have a hard time choosing. Yellow and purple are primary colors and flashy, so I’d rather not.[] I quite liked blue because it’s rather simple and plain, but then I realized it looks really similar to my work maid uniform. Well then it makes to sense to buy it. So then it’s between white and green. But since white stains rather easily, maybe I should avoid it.

After the process of elimination, the color that remained was green.

―――Green, that actually reminds me of the captain.

But even as I say that, this green is actually a darker, deep green so it’s technically a different green.

I do think its a safe and inconspicuous color, but I feel like there’s a little too many frills and laces.

“Isnt the frills a bit much?”

“This is average. The others are even worse.”

Apparently the current fashion trend is ruffles and laces, so they’re being used generously. Now that she mentions it, I remember the ladies at the castle wearing some intense dresses. I wonder if you could call them ‘Rococo-level princess dresses’. One of my friends had a hobby like that. I have bitter memories from when I got caught up in one of the photo shoots. It definitely doesn’t suit me, I tell you.

“Mhm, it suits you”

“Eh-? Really?”

“Right, Lance-san?”

Why are you asking Lance-san.

Speaking of Lance-san, he was wandering around the store restlessly. Well that’s only to be expected. This is a women’s clothing shop, so normally a man wouldn’t enter this place. But since asking him to wait outside was a bit much, so we had him come inside with us.

“A,ah yeah, it looks great on you.”

That sounds kinda forced, you know? But its too much of a pain to choose another one so lets go with this. Besides, the price is reasonable.

When I was about to take it off, Ariade told me ‘since you’re buying it anyways, lets wear it out’ and I ended up wearing it home. The outfit I was wearing before was placed in a bag and was given to Lance-san to hold.

What a gentleman!

I want a specific someone to get at least one-thousandths of his virtue, really.




There were a some street vendors and such, when Ariade suddenly stopped walking. Becoming curious, I peeked over her shoulder to see a display of hair ornaments in various colors. I wonder if these are all handmade, they all look amazing. I wonder how they’re made.

“Oh, how cute.”

“Miss, how about this one?”

“Hmm, isn’t it a bit flashy?”

“No no, It’ll go really well with your blonde hair!”

I, on the other hand, was drawn to a different ornament. It was smaller than the palm of my hand with a white artificial flower with a red stone embedded in its center. It was really cute.

I was certain I had seen it somewhere, and so while I was staring and pondering, Lance-san had picked up the ornament.

“I’d like to purchase this.”

… he said.

And with a lady-killer smile, he hands me the hairpin he has just bought.

“… uh?”

“Its thanks for today. Won’t you accept it?”

When I offered it to Ariade, I was shot down.

“I’m fine. You should accept it, Vito.”

She replied with a rare, full smile. … are you planning something? Is it just my imagination? I felt bad, having him buy something for me, but in the end I ended up accepting it.

“Thank you very much”

—- oh, this looks like the ‘rising sun flag’! I thought I saw this before, but it was the national flag, huh.

I had forgotten about the flag, because my mental image of a red pickled-plum on white rice was too strong. Mm? Wait a moment. If you look really closely, this is my color, and its cuteness closely resembles Saus. And the part that seems to be slightly weak reminds me of Shiro. …. How nostalgic. [4]

“How nice, why don’t you put it on?” [5]

But if I put it on now, I’ll have to undo my hair. Which would reveal my exploding lion-mane of hair. That would be too embarrassing.

“But my hair is damaged…”

“I have a comb, I’ll smooth it out for you.”

I know it’s rude to the village girl I ate, but this hair is not something that can be smoothed out by the likes of a comb! Is what I was yelling in my head, but when Ariade forcibly undid my hair and began combing, I was surprised to find that the places she combed were so smooth they could probably flow in the gentlest of winds.

“This comb has a little bit of magical energy. I think they call it a ‘magical tool’? My mother gave it to me a long time ago.”

So such a useful thing existed. When she finishes smoothing out my hair, she places the newly given ornament around my right ear, near the temple.

“… Does it suit me?”

“It does”

I’m happy to hear you say that Lance-san, even if it is polite flattery.

Since I haven’t really done any girly things before I am a bit embarrassed, but I also feel a nice, happy new feeling. But since I felt bad being the only one to get something, I bought Chiffon and Madeline something too. I was going to pay for it, but Lance-san ended up paying for it as well. My internal rep for Lance-san has risen rapidly. [6]

—– It would be good if he doesn’t end up bald from all the stress.

I was seriously worrying about him.


The title actually says “ + α” rather than extras but apparently English doesn’t use that so the closest translation i could get was “Plus a little extra” or something similar.

[1] She means that Lance is like Stefano’s lookout/guard to prevent him from doing anything bad.

[2] she actually says her internal ‘stephano-san stock has crashed’

[3] She actually says that the fancier clothes are in a ‘specialty store’ or a store specifically for formal clothing

[4] shiro whitey in the omega harem tl, and Saus (south)’s name was taken directly from the Omega Harel TL

[5] implies it would be a waste if she didn’t.

[6] similar to 2, it says that lance’s ‘stock’ has risen rapidly



No really don’t answer that this took WAY too long. WAYYYY too long. Onto chapter 21, i guess.

(time to die)

also in case anyone was wondering (i doubt) I was drowning under stress, college, work, and then i was shipped off to Japan and Bali. It was fun but MAN was it hot. Also i may or may not have forgotten this existed.


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