Dragon Life

Dragon Life [ドラゴン・ライフ]

Ch 1-10
Ch 11 – The History Between Humans and Earth Dragons 
Ch 12 – The Subjugation of the Man Eating Dragon = My Subjugation
Ch 13 – There’s No Time to Think. Go By Instinct.
Ch 14 – The Left Arm and the Color Black. Greed and Confusion.
Ch 15 – One on One with the Captain. Talk of Rumors.
Extra Chapter – Lutoria
Ch 16 – Serious Stories and Outrageous people. The name is…
Ch 17 – The employee’s four daughters. It also includes marshmallows.
Ch 18 -Light entertainment and sweet atmosphere. Unbelievable.
Ch 19 -There is a very fine line between weirdo and Cleric. A healing peach color.
Ch 20 – Four female servants + α. However this includes Knights.
Ch 21 – Continuation: However this one includes love talk. Before a storm and all that.
Ch 22 -I am enraged at the foreign emissary. It’s a sacred beast.
Ch 23 -我を立て、見定め、是非を分かつ。
Ch 24 -私の居場所。其々の思惑。かみ合わない歯車。
Ch 25 -束の間の安らぎと絶えられない風評。
Ch 26 – ドラゴン、諦めが肝心だ。そう、潔く。
Ch 27- 私の頬は絶賛紅葉中。桃色彼女とランデヴー。
Ch 28- ありがとう。それしか、言えない。


201 thoughts on “Dragon Life

    1. I just finished chapter 20 more or less. I’ll start helping with chp 19 and see if I can dedicate myself to it this time

      1. Oh you want to continue it?
        did you have consult other translation who want to translate this novel too? (There are many2 translation who want to translate this novel)
        I am sure they want to help you

  1. that moment when someone thinks 20ish% oo he looks nic.e and the other 80% is like bet he tastes f*cking GREAT *omnomnom*

  2. Chapter 19, 3/4 ish … We are lucky //cries tears of joy =;v;= imagine that one day all light novels will be translated… Words from a meme.

    1. I think the day where you would take the initiative to learn japanese and are finally able to read japanese LN would come much much sooner, than perhaps, this novel being fully translated.

  3. Glorious!

    Can I just say anon that I love your translations? This LN’s HILARIOUS! You’ve done a spectacular job so far!

  4. …And I still don’t know what happened to that young chapter 19. They say he became a great king/queen chapter when he grew up.

    Anyway, can I say welcome back Velket-san?
    And good job for surviving the experience called life.
    I wish you good days to come.

      1. What is the updating schedule? I’m new to your page and found this link from a comment on a reincarnation forum. I’m afraid that the translation will take a long time to update for each chapter, like several other translators, so I am seriously pondering over my decision to read this or not…
        ~Thank you for translating~

        From a humble wannabe dragon

        1. Well there really IS no updating schedule, i just work on it when i can, and nolifepotato helps out when they can as well. So, well up to ch 18 is fully out, so you can read that if you’d like, but uh, there is no updating schedule.

        1. Maybe. But it has been 3-4 months without an update. So now it is more ambiguous in whether it is a scumbag move or not.

          Though I still think he should have contacted Velket before picking it up. Though Velket hasn’t told us anything, so for all we know he might have.

          1. idk, (if I remember well), I think he said something in the blog somewhere (although, I don”t even remember the exact thing he said…)

  5. Still here for ch 19. It’s been marked as done. Are you waiting to finish editing 20 to post them together?
    – Thank you in advance for your superb quality translations. Happy to see this project resumed.

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